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Joe “Mr.D” Dombrowski discusses all walks of life as he and his guests unpack the good the bad and the funny about the world we live in. 

Jan 12, 2021

This week, Fran shares the most romantic date she's ever been on! The queen drives everyone crazy and Joe may have a point about Matt being boring!

Jan 11, 2021

Joe bids farewell to his parent's basement and hello to millenial Tik Tok creator Rod! Rod and Joe chit chat about tanning beds, N'SYNC, and all things glorious from the 90's!

Jan 5, 2021

Joe and Fran are still riding high off the romantic fumes of Tayshia and Zac, but they jump right back into it with the 25th season of The Batchelor featuring Matt James. Fran and Joe pick the crazies and the keepers, make their winner-predictions, and prepare themselves for a whole new season of romance and drama!

Jan 4, 2021

On this episode, Joe indulges his midwestern appetites and eats his weight in cheese, before being joined by his college friend and amazing entrepreneur and health trainer, Steph Riley! Steph and Joe talk about planning a wedding during the pandy as well as how to start and follow through on a plan to be healthier in...

Jan 3, 2021

This episode is the podcast's very first (but not last) season finale Live Episode! Joe and Fran invited patreon subscribers to join them for a live taping that includes games, gifts, and of course all the hot gossip about the new season of The Batchelor! Stay tuned for more episodes of Let's Watch TV in 2021!